Light workerHello fellow loved ones,  I am writing to ask a question that is on many light workers minds. We have been informed that there will be a Global Currency Reset. Is this information valid? Is there more work we need to do from our perspective to make this happen? Will we receive our abundance that we so desire in order to break free from the Cabal and be able provide much needed assistance for humanity and mother Terra?

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Will there be peace on earth and happily ever after?  For some, yes, my dear.  And everyone will receive a small bit at some point. But it is up and down and back and forth. There are moments of great growth and moments of great no growth.  It is back and forth as the beautiful ebb and flow of the tides, and the wind as your earth talks to you it will tell you the story of its whole process.

Do not be afraid to live and be and do that that you need to do.  Walk forward in your truth and ask for that that you need and it shall be.

And though many have said that riches come in the form of money, riches come in the form of love.  And if you have a hand to hold and someone to share some wonderful, gentle words with, you have love.   And they may be a stranger and you may be so evolved that you can do this with ease and love and gentleness.

Are you one amongst the many, or do you feel separated?  Love for the many or love for the self, and only one small being?  All are good, my dear, they just be where you are in your growth.

Global currency;  oh my goodness.  Well, there must be always a give and take.  That is one of the biggest parts of growth.  And currency is money and arms and food and it should be about love and caring and allowing another being their own garden to grow and to be in.  And, perhaps, just to simply share the richness of knowing and knowledge to help another grow, whether it be their garden to feed their city, or their mind to teach their young.

Try to think out of the way of the norm that is set.  Not that you need to be contrary to everything, but step outside of that that is expected and see with new eyes each situation and  ask of your own being, your own heart “how do I shine in this world?  Do they see my light?  Do I see my light?”

Bless you my child for you are an amazing light worker.