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Stephanie: Hi, I want to know why I don’t dream or if I do, don’t remember my dreams? I have been meditating and truly trying to live in the present moment on my spiritual journey. Everyone always talks about their dreams and visions but I never seem to have them. I also have a hard time visualizing things or remembering beautiful things that I’ve seen. Please help?

Spirit Guide: Oh my little one, you work too hard. It is as easy as breathing. Relax. Don’t worry about great openings and moments of wonder. If you just stop and be still you will see them all around you and just find joy in them. Don’t have great expectations and words that are going to astound the world. For you, you need to stop putting so many pressures upon yourself. Your sleep is good. If you don’t want to remember a dream, don’t worry about it. I think you feel that there is a right and a wrong way of being, blessed one, and it isn’t; let it be your way to be. As far as dreaming you do, my dear, every physical body does. But yours, for some reason, has blocked from remembering at this time and so be it.

But you have had some and some have been just matter of fact. The subconscious mind must dream. It must have times of releasing that that it is trying to make peace with. But they carry great release and do not have to be remembered in order to have done so. Now, if you have one that is very upsetting to you, of course, that is a different thing it is telling you. If you do not remember them, do not worry about it.

As far as remembering things, well, do not put such pressure on yourself. Find new beautiful things to look at. There are many. There are no rules and regulations on how to be, or how to remember, or how to speak, blessed one. Be that that you are in your heart. Do not look at someone else and judge yourself against them. Think about who you are, how you be and how your presence is helping others. Think about how you can be one with your wonderful world you walk in.

A being can live a very long fulfilling life with never having any great, outstanding dreams. You are a good being. You will evolve, do not worry.

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