Past lives, regimentation and and self acceptance


Jennifer asks about past lives.  She says, “I wonder if you can tell me how past lives affect me in my life. I have struggled with self-love and self-acceptance for most of my life and wonder if this is residual feelings from past lives or if these feelings developed as a result of experiences in this life? I recognize self-acceptance is a major goal for me in this life and I feel like I’m having troubles breaking some of the negative coping strategies. I asked a question several months ago about my spirit guides and response mentioned I was in some ways fighting the regimented aspect of my being. I’m wondering if this refers to my challenges with self-acceptance and if you can provide any insight on how to work on it.

This gentle being needs very much to take a deep breath—a physical breath.  To fall in love with the physical world, to see it in all its wonder.  Her process definitely relates to past existences as all are present in the vibrational code of who she is.    Her spirit is a compilation of all elements of learning from past and present.  The task of loving oneself is one of putting honour in your own learning and growing.  It is sometimes a difficult task in the physical world. The greatest challenge is to love oneself and thus take on the choices and fulfill the promises to the best that you can.  If you do not love yourself the promises are very distorted.

Yes it is true from a previous existence, a monastic lifetime, there is a part of her wanting and not wanting to have some ritual. But at the same time she understands that it wasn’t the rituals that created the growth. Part of her fears and doesn’t like rituals but part of her also feels they may be a key to unlocking self love.  Her previous existing was not about self love; it was about teaching that everyone else was more important.  So I am not surprised that she now has difficulties with this.

Also, in the path she is in right now she has been concerned about the wellbeing of others in her family and their state of strength and their ability to carry on and be what they needed to be.  She saw this very clearly and so was learning how to help others instead of herself.

This was in this lifetime you’re talking about?


So this feeling about regimentation and resisting it may come from that monastic lifestyle?


Any final words for Jennifer?

Dear one, I want you to fall in love with yourself and your world.  Don’t be afraid to see yourself in the image of nature about you.  It was created for you: to see, to bring pleasure to bring growth.  It doesn’t have to be all difficult.  You are a beautiful being.  You love to love, to laugh, to find joy.  All of these are tools in this physical world to find out about loving.

Thank you.  I’ll pass these words on to Jennifer.

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    Why does BM often seem annoyed, frustrated or overwhelmed when he leaves in a hurry? When he is around me why are his feelings so difficult to express instead of a comfort? Does he not understand the depth of safety, trust and unconditional love that is ingrained in our bond? – BG

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