Numbers as a symbol of alignment

Maurice writes, ” I would to know why every time I look at the time it’s always the same… example   9:09  10:10   11;11   12:12? It’s been 15 years it’s like that! Thanks.”

Perhaps it’s that he likes numbers?  Dearest one, you are seeking answers.  And often it is, that you  are creating a time in which  to feel you can be one with the universe, or the guides, or angels.  This is what you created.  When these numbers fall in place, you feel that you are in alignment with your higher being, whatever you wish to call it, the great energy.  You have been seeking an answer for a long time.  But truly, dearest one, an answer to what?  That is what you need to ask.  You want to have answers, but you don’t know the question to ask.  In fact, you fear it and hope by some way that this will mean something.  Don’t fear it my dearest one. Take one of those moments of your numerous numbers and say something to this open channel that you have created.  Make a request, or a statement.  But, be not afraid of it as it is not an omen.  It is a means in which to communicate.   It is something you have created.  Be in peace my dear.  And, it is not surprising to me that in another time, you were a great mathematician.

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