The economy, fears and creating abundance

Kristine asked about the economy and fears about money. She says, “I have read that the only block or barrier keeping money at bay is the fear of not having enough and that anxiety creates a repellent energy field that blocks the energy of money and abundance. Some people seem to have guilt about wanting to have money. How can we let go of these fears or any guilt and let the abundance flow?”

Firstly, this wonderful being has read too many theories. And it’s quite simple. You know that your universe, your world, reality is created support you in all your desires and endeavours. And in truth, if a being puts out to the universe, “I do not have enough money”…then the universe says “then that is what you want—not enough money.” It’s not that you’re creating an energy to block it; it’s that the universe is answering what you put out. Simply, the universe says: Not enough? Alright you will never have enough.

To recreate that you just need to say, “I have abundance. My life is full and I welcome all.” But truly, in the deepest part of you, you must believe it. You must speak it out loud. Rewrite all your inner voices. There is no great technique to this; just catch yourself any time you say a negative about having or needing or wanting. Change it into being.

Many of the great ones have spoken to you about being that that you are. That means releasing all the shadows of the different understandings of who you are from all the different concepts in your life’s path–whether you be too little, too big, too…whatever. And releasing all of it and just being the radiant light, the speck of God, the brilliance of who you be. And welcoming all of the wonder of the physical world to you. Because it is a wonderful world you have created for your growth.

Ask and you shall receive is true. It’s come through in many ways in your world, through many thinkers and sages and saints. It’s no different.

But when we ask, we need to do so in a positive form, not in a needy form, is that right?

Yes, because if you’re needy, inside you’re thinking, “I don’t deserve this but I want it.” I am—therefore I can be”…whatever it is.

Many of the religious concepts and other theologians have said that things must be in a prayer and must be placed in certain ways. Not so. Release yourself from all ritual and rules. Be as naïve and wondrous as a child that believes in all the wonders of the world. For they are truth—and it’s not childish.

I know what you’re thinking my dear. You cannot believe that something good will happen when something bad is happening. Something good will come out of it.

I know that. I’m thinking too about people who have a fear or guilt, about not feeling good enough to have the abundance, or who feel judged by others or themselves. And it’s easy for you to say, “Be that that you are”…but it’s not often that easy to…

It is their choice. It is each individual’s choice. Free will, the basics of being present in the physical world. Free will. It gives you choices in how you will walk your path; how you will attract that that you need and create the world that you want. Free will.

I choose to draw to me all the blessings of the world. I choose to be the light and love that I am–and that only shall be in my life.

And so what does a being do when one is worrying about debts that were created out of needs and wants. They stand and accept the choices that were made, and say to themselves, “Alright, I understand. I wanted that. But now I understand that that’s not what makes me feel whole and well. Because it created another problem—one that burdens me more.”

So this is what you must look at. Why do you create burdens for yourself? Why do you limit yourself from being the light that you want to be? You put it to the sidelines, thinking “well one day I will have this.”

But stop in those very moments and say, “Today I am—perfect. I have this moment. I have these choices. I choose not to fester and draw in more negativity. I choose to be filled with love and abundance. I choose to speak to these problems that I have. And say, “I want them healed.” Whether it be through the actual banker, and they will hear you and help you. There is plenty of help. But most often beings pull themselves away into a corner and pretend it isn’t there, and these things mount up on the outside.

Don’t be so afraid blessed one. Stand strong in the being’s light and thus emanate that that you are and draw it to you.


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