restCurious One – Dear guides, what is my body trying to tell me?  My hair has been rapidly shrinking for the past 6 months and straightening it is not helping. This is very frustrating, as I have always had healthy hair but for some strange reason it never grows. I have also been suffering with stomach & chest pains, which wake me during the night. They are very painful and I do not know why this acid reflux (?) is frequently happening. Please can you give me some advice as I feel like I am falling apart lately, plus feel old & weary. Many thanks.

Guide – Dearest one, you think you’re old and weary and yet you’re asking a question of a being that is almost three thousand years old!  (gentle laughter.) No, you have indeed pressure on your abdomen causing an overabundance of acid. Your gall bladder also has certain experiences it cannot cope with—solid fats, what you would call your primitive fats, off of meat.

You need very much to also to check your thyroid gland as it struggles, hence the hair not growing right. Your body is also lacking B vitamins, which is probably because you are so anxious and worried most of the time.  Take rest, laughter, and healing time to recuperate. Stop rushing from one thing to another.

Your digestion is not good, digestive health aids I believe are positive, possible in your world. I think you worry too much. The chest pains, you believe they could be other things.

You’re very unhappy with your state of being. And yet you’ve made choices not to help it. Your world is full of ideas about cleansing and balancing your physical being, but you feel it is all very exhausting. So why don’t you just begin to feed your body like the most beautiful child, one that you would want to grow and stretch and exercise in light and love. Be tender with your being.

You have a sense when you first put food in your mouth how it should feel. Does it nourish? Or do you already feel anxious about it? Slow down and listen to this amazing machine called your body. It is there to help you, to help you to learn, to grow, to be.  It is not against you. If it has aches and pains and causes you to have attention to it, that is a voice. Listen to it. Cut out the heavy meats, eat lots of vegetables, not too much fruit. Drink pure refined water, and take the greatest healing essence of all—laughter. Take it three times a day.  Bless you my child.