Jennifer is asking for clarification about who her guides are.  She says, “I

feel as though there is one who is a Native Indian. Also, I’m wondering if any of my family members and I share a past life as I feel great distance from my mother, a resistant relationship from my brother and a strong connection to my father and aunt on my mother’s side. I never knew my Dad’s parents and my Mom’s parents lived farther away but I’m wondering if I shared a past life with any of them. “

Dearest one, yes, most definitely, there is a Native North American entity.  But what Jennifer feels a strong connection because of a past life they shared together.  She also has an amazing guide from early America, when she was a pilgrim type, who lived a very regimented life.  In some ways she now fights this part of her being.
As to her family she is quite new to most of them.  And she should know that in many of the promises and responsibilities she has, it is very important that she makes decisions for herself.  She is a blessed being and has quite an amazing path she has come to do.  She has five entities with her, guides that you call them.  They all share in great joy in being with her.