Drea Girl says for the past two years she has been traveling and now has decided to return home and settle. She is looking at going back to school at the end of this year but the funding may be difficult. She asks if this is the right time and the right program for her.

Dearest one, don’t be afraid. You want to be so perfect the very first time. I know you hold such value in choices and in everyone else’s choices. You wish to waste nothing and yet…. Sometimes when one sets out on an adventure in one direction and then it leads to another direction, one feels that perhaps something was missed in the other direction. You must not feel this. You must know that choices are made to help you into the direction that you go in. But you must stay open as it can change at any moment.

This education you seek is a good idea, but do not limit it to one area or one thing. Be understanding of yourself if you should find yourself a year or two down the road wanting to do something quite different. Perhaps it would be something that comes to you from an awareness that you weren’t even open to previously. Do you understand what I’m saying? I do not wish for you to waste time or money or effort, but oftentimes what you might think is a waste is absolutely the right thing. It might put you in the right place or time to meet with another being that will be important in your life. Do you see what I mean?

Move in the direction that you feel is your right way to go. Be open to all things present. Should you be all signed up and ready to go and then have an awareness that you need to move in another direction–follow what is right for you. You’ve been afraid to put down roots so I’m not surprised you’re afraid to entangle yourself into an education that perhaps you’re not truly sure you want to do yet. Oh dearest one, don’t be afraid of your desire to follow a path, to move forward. You have become disengaged with home and roots. And this is what happens when one travels, but you have become aware of the world in a way that you never, ever thought possible. You relish every part of it. You love your world and you want to help in many ways– but you feel a little unable to at this time. Be still my child, be still and hear your own truth. You will find it.

Now I know you are talking about finances in a time when your world is swirling in fear over money. But there will be money to do what you need to do. Just be prepared to understand that all things must have a balance. If you borrow it in a realm of positive achievement, knowing that it is a good thing to do, then you will achieve this. If you borrow it thinking you are burdening yourself then dearest, it will worry a hole in your being. If you choose and love yourself under the light of growth and forward movement all will be well. You are a wise being. Trust, my dear. Trust in yourself.

Thank you, I think that will be very helpful to her–and to others.