Every element of your learning is part of you today, Jane Kennard, Circles within Circles

Every element of your learning, every second of your growth, is part of who you are today

A guide speaks about past lives and how they resonate with us today

This is an excerpt from one of our gatherings in Victoria with Jane and the spirit guides earlier this year. Someone asked about past lives that still resonate in her life today and this is part of what the guide replied:

All past lives resonate in one’s current life. It is, of course, who you are, your vibrational code, like your inherited DNA and RNA and all of those things are part of who you are. Every element of learning, every second of growth is all part and parcel of who you be now. And you are quite frustrated with your life right now, my dear.

Alright, past lives that are really important; you were a great rancher. You had huge pieces of property and many animals that roamed on these.  You were much more for the grazing animals, the free ones that had great strength that you admired a great deal. That is why you find often if you do not have freedom of space around you, you get very frustrated. And, also, you like to see people that make their own choices and choose their own direction in life.

Another very important lifetime was when you learned a great deal about the construction of certain things. Not so much that you actually built them, but you designed a great deal of things. They were things that were used in the hierarchy of those that had great amounts of money. From that lifetime you learned somewhat that it is not money that makes you terribly smart. It is money that gives you the time and the opportunities to do other things. 

Our next event with Jane Kennard is on Thursday, Sept 24th from 7 to 9 pm at Goward House. Our theme is past lives and how they may affect your present lifetime. 

Tickets to the September 24th evening with Jane and the spirit guides are available now at our Events page. We invite you to join us to learn more about how past lives resonate with your life today. Audience members will be invited to ask questions of the spirit guides on any topic. Please join us for a fascinating evening with the spirit guides.

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  1. Sahara Wind September 19, 2015 at 6:41 am - Reply

    I wonder in our human experience if we can’t remember the full details of our past lives because we may perceive things in terms of the good, the bad or the ugly, instead of NO filters, with only unconditional love. Can the guides comment on this please?

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