Andrea asks about not being able to wear necklaces in the past few years. Even when she wears a shirt close to the neck she feels a constriction at her neck. She wants to know what changed and how she can resolve this?

She passed into the physical age of a similar time in a different lifetime. She has actually left a few lifetimes by…. There was one with the Guillotine, there was one hanging. There was also a very great yoke of metal that was placed around her neck in one lifetime. And she was having the huge responsibility of others, a need to protect and save them and it was a very difficult time for her. And this actually is why the metal is something that she very much does not like to wear. But trust that in time this will diminish and she will pass through this age that it bothers her. And she will again be able to wear these things without irritation. It is simply a voice that has come right through the cellular level, from her spirit.

Yes, I’ve heard of this before. That these memories come when someone reaches the same age they were in a previous lifetime when something happened. So, is there a purpose for these cellular messages?

Not so much this one. It is just simply who she is. She brings forward all her knowledge. That is part of part of who she is. You have the knowledge of both the negative and the positive—and both are wondrous. If she could take time, she could break through and remember all these pasts. But they are past; she has grown from them and moved forward.

So there really wouldn’t be any point in her doing this?

No. There are some—that are you might say haunted by their own spirit. Their own cells; in that case it is something that has not been resolved. But in her, this has been resolved.

So it’s just a kind of memory, and as time passes, it will disappear?

Yes, she should be joyous that her being is so evolved that it speaks through any body she walks in. This one loves to read but is feeling right now that there isn’t any one thing that is exciting her. Tell her to be patient with her own being. She is very impatient with her own being often. Yes, I’ll tell her that.