Dorothy asks about having panic attacks triggered by heights and driving on highways, especially at night. She wants to know how she can put an end to the feeling that she can’t control her own body.

This blessed entity is having a time of remembering, remembering being out of control. It was from a previous lifetime and she has brought it forward to this time now to be healed. Tell her to see it not as fear, but as a way of bringing forward healing. Tell her to embrace it, and to love that part of her that so wants to survive, to be strong, to move forward. Assure her this is not the path in which she will leave this life she is in, but instead, it is just simply a doorway that she has passed through before and is visiting again. But this time through, remind her that she already knows the doorway, and that she’s strong and can move through it. To breath deep in the assurance of the strength of her being, now stronger, more brilliant, more amazing than ever.

If she wishes, she can take herself to the time the great fear originated–but she need not if she does not desire so. The fear is already there, so address it with love, not more fear.

You live in a time where many who experience this might choose to take a chemical that would cause to dull this amazing ability of the body to speak to you. Seek not for this at this time for there is not a chemical imbalance in the body. It is just fear–a wonderful tool to learn, and to grow with.

Yes, we all try so hard to stay away from that feeling.

It is seen as a great negative in your world, and yet it is an amazing tool to learn through.

Thank you for that.