Continue your journey with Jane Kennard and the Spirit Guides at our small group circle gatherings. Jane will be inviting individual questions focused on more specific themes, but of course any of your questions can be asked of the Guides.

There are no events scheduled at this time.

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Jane is also looking towards organizing events in other cities around the world. If you would like to help organize a gathering in your city, please let us know by email.

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This Christmas Spirit Can Last Forever

Well, here we are Christmas night. After all the talk and worries that have rained down on us, my body feels a bit weary but my spirit feels charged. There is an energy change. There [...]

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He Did His Best

As I would go out for my annual Christmas Eve walk, that I have done, well, a long time, in the early days my guide would tell me the story of Christmas. I realized even [...]

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This is it… The Overturn

Many years ago my Guide said to me that we were present in the time of The Overturn. I have to say, the word 'overturn' really meant nothing to me. It was explained to me [...]

  • Jane Kennard Spirit Wisdom Podcast: Realizing the Truth of You

Realizing the Truth of You

Discovering your truth and being the light that you are. You are a fracture of this amazing energy that connects you to the oneness. Within you lies the most powerful creative force beyond the [...]