Do you have a message for the season?


The season is fall going into winter.  But you are talking about the Christian belief and the celebration of the birth of Christ.  Of course it isn’t that day that you all celebrate.

It is a very wonderful thing to take time to celebrate.  You should do it many times, perhaps even every day to celebrate the wonder of being and the wonder of some beings that come to teach great numbers, the wonder of life and its experiences.   Peace on earth and good will toward men is not bought in a store nor is it gained from a book.  It is being that that you are and hopefully being a being of peace.

My dearest ones, to all of you, do that that is the highest of your choices to do. Reach higher than you expected you could. Be better than you thought you were for you know within your being if you cause less than, you will not feel good and that will cause a circle of other lesser tasks that you do not want to be part of.  By choosing to the highest of your ability is a clean, clear, right movement.  It may cause chaos, but within your being if it is in the highest that you can, choose what is right for you.

Look upon your earth and see where there are needs.  And if you can help any of those needs, do so. If seeing those needs causes pain within you, heal your pain and then try to heal some others. Look into the eyes of those that are alone or believe that they are victims. Look into them and have them connect with the greater part of you.  It will give them the energy to be who they are.

Each being in your world needs to be seen, to be heard and to know that they are important. And you are.  You live in a great time; choose to be the celebration time always.

Know the one that you celebrate his birth was one who walked a path of peace, was one who knew about segregation, anger, control, politics and power. Know that this one is still amongst you, not in body, but in spirit and wants you to know that you are loved. Bless you all.

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