A conversation about recent earthquakes in Nepal


Nepal recently suffered a massive earthquake as the Indian plate and the Eurasian plate continue to collide. We are wondering what are the lesson or lessons attached to the recent earthquakes in Nepal. As people who choose to live on an active subduction zone with potential for a megathrust earthquake, what advice do you have for us who live here on Canada’s west coast?

Do not live in Fear. You say Nepal has suffered; it is the people who have suffered. The movement of the Earth creates opportunities for growth. It will always and does always shift and change. Shaking can cause some creation of growth and it causes openings for some to leave.

This physical plane is made of fire, elements of earth. It was never meant to be stable. You will always have shifting movement, as your tides will tell you. Sand was created by the most violent of movement and yet is it not beautiful and soft?

For those who live, or choose to live, they are not thinking about all that, it is impossible. They are thinking about a home, a family, a job. Those who measure such things and live in a scientific world, they still will choose to live there for it excites them.

You cannot stop such a fluid place from moving but you can understand that you have choices to live there or not. The most difficult part is if you live in fear. Those who live in fear cause more destruction within their being than any earthquake.

How do positive and negative thoughts affect earthquakes?

A conversation about recent earthquakes in Nepal, Jane Kennard, Circles Within Circles

They can affect the aftershocks, but the actual initial thrust and movement is truly by the will of the planets, the will of the ocean. The aftershocks are truly often a fear that is flowing amongst the people, but know a large group of people being in fear cannot create an initial shock, just that that is weakened and teetering. Just as in landslides or tidal waves, they are after the fact of the movement and the creation of thought can affect them. Positive and negative can soothe them and cause greater disturbance.

So if remote positive thoughts are sent to disaster zones immediately after can that help to prevent aftershocks?

Yes and it helps to heal the beings, those soft bodies feel the vibration that you send for it is like energy and they receive it. You can understand that your loving a rock would have some effect. But your loving a human being would have a greater effect.

Don’t fear earthquakes, see them as your great mother earth stretching and growing, cleansing her being. Embrace, embrace – you would call it prepare. Your homes can stand strong if you create it that way.

So, it is up to us to choose the prepare the way we will and our growth will come from the choices we make?


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