SW – can the guides share a higher insight about Kim Jong-un and the people who live in North Korea? Is there a rising of awareness or desire for change within the North Korean people? Can the beings of light ever influence a situation to prevent escalation of this misuse of nuclear power?

You know about the many different levels of development of beings. Those that are very evolved having had many, many lifetimes are very wise, very grounded, very still and not wanting to be in the middle of the fray. New souls come in and they love attention. They love to be in the center. They are not very good at being leaders. In fact, it is usually middle aged beings who are the best leaders.  They love politics.

This new soul, this shiny penny, is indeed a very young being and has no idea how to run a country and unfortunately is not doing a very good job at it. These people that are controlled by this very young spirited being are filled with fear and toxic poison of words of how to control them.

There eventually will become an uprising for this young soul will get noisier and noisier until he has to be quieted. There is a movement happening in their country with their people. There are very old souls there as well and they will lead this.

It is a difficult time for them, a time of great learning. I know you put into the scenario the worry of the warfare that are at the hands of this one.  It is not so much this one, this young being’s hands. It is the beings that guard him that is a worry. They are the ones who tell him how to be and how high to jump.

The truth is people are starving. That that you see on your monitors and TV the pictures of all of the soldiers they join this to be fed, to have food and clothing. The other people that you never see in towns are starving. They eat roots, they eat dirt in order to maintain life. You will never see children playing. You will see them brought in and clapping, but the young ones are too weak to take part.

Your world sits watching this. Those closer know very well the situation is of dire need. The Southern Koreans knows of their loved ones and very much want to help them but know it is impossible to break through this huge chain of fear.  It will come from within but it may be provoked from outside.

Trust in all measure that can help.  I will tell you that the leadership of the country of China is not a negative being. They have a great understanding of what occurs here. But they have great and ancient traditions that they fear to break and fear of loss of all structure. But it is coming from the bottom up in this country. The government will eventually change because their people  will and these people know what is going on in this country of North Korea.

Do not fear my gentle ones. Do not fear. Trust and do all actions that you can within your realm to erase the fear which prevents love.