Dissolving armour to allow love in

Marie has a question about a relationship she had with a man seven years younger than her. She told him she didn’t want marriage so he has recently looked for someone to commit to and Marie is now realizing that she is in love with him.

This blessed being feels very alone. The most important thing for her to do is to love herself. She gave the information to the young man that she didn’t want long term and so this conveyed that he could not be close to her for a long time. It is only understandable that he would choose to find this new one to commit to for that is what he desired. He did not do this to cause her pain. He did not understand that she would be in pain from it. But she has a great barrier around her. She is keeping all things away from loving her. She is hurt and never wants to be hurt again. But the true being loves love, loves life and does need to understand that she needs to love herself and allow others in and be close.

She chose this to ensure that there was no way this one would get that close. And the surprise is that she is greater than any age and can love again freely and simply. But first of all she must love her own being, thus allow that great armour or fence around herself that is keeping others out to dissolve. To allow them close, to not be afraid of the great wonder of loving Yes it does involve pain, sometimes great pain, but that’s what love is. Always. All the pain, all the joy, all the wonderful companionship.

You talk about dissolving armour and how does one go about that?

By loving oneself, by accepting the frailties, the wonder of this. That in opening up, yes there is pain, but pain also has a good understanding in the physical world, to help you to grow, to move forward. To embrace that that was, that made her greater. This has surprised her a great deal. She doesn’t know who she is right now. She needs to take some time to see the radiance of her being. I am not surprised that she loves him. Know that and he loves her. It is a good thing to love. But it is most important to love one’s own being–for then you are whole to one another.

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