Choices at a crossroads in life

Krista feels as if she is at a crossroads in her life. She says, “I’m unhappy with where I’m at and I feel restless most of the time. I’m transferring in the fall and have the choice to stay close to home or go farther away. I’m leaning towards starting fresh because of the people in my life. I’ve realized that people I thought had my best interests really didn’t and that’s impacted where I want to go to school. Should I take my chances and start fresh and try to rebuild my life with new people or stay closer to home?”

These questions are too many.

There’s really just one—she doesn’t know if she should go and start new…

She doesn’t know who to trust as well. She doesn’t know who to love. She’s made great growth and changes in her life. She’s been very brave and very strong, and has assumed that others were in the same place of learning and time as her. Which was not true. They were not against her in any way; they just have not grown as she has grown.

She has already made the choice to move. Should she fulfill it? It is up to her.

Any advice for her?

Oh, she is so unhappy. She’ s unhappy and she is tormented at this time. She seeks peace and calm and fulfillment but I fear she is seeking it in the wrong way.

Where could she go to seek it? Where should she look?

Within. She already has at hand the greatest opportunity for growth and learning. She is under an umbrella of…security that isn’t giving her security. There is a wild and free, amazing being within this one, that needs to experience more. It’s as if trying to tie down a wild, free stallion. She needs to experience more about the world that she has come to help. It is like trying to fit her into something she does not yet fit into.

Perhaps in time. How to speak of this to her is difficult, for she has made choices that she is determined will give her fulfillment. It’s as if trying to force a round peg into a square hole.

Yes, so if you choose something so strongly, then you may not be open to other things that come up.

Yes, so tell her to stop everything at this time. Take time now to be still. Take long walks and commune with your own body, with your own inner voice. Commune with that that is within you. My child, you are an amazing being, and you are not allowing yourself to be, to express it.

My feeling is that when people have a choice to stay or to move, it doesn’t really matter what choice they make, they’re still going to be facing the same issues.

Yes, because it is not within the land form, it is within the being. This one is trying to force an issue and is having difficulty. Bless this one.


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