Bringing others into your life

Mary  writes:

Hello, and thank you for all that you do. Your loving responses to people’s questions are so heartwarming.

May I ask why I find it so hard to make friends who will come round and visit with me? I meet people frequently as I walk the dog, and a few old friends I correspond with, but there is no one I can really call on to come to my house (or me to go to their house) where I have been living for over 10 years. I have met people through doing courses and volunteer work, but those colleagues disappear once I have finished my work there. I am not a very outgoing person and I enjoy my correspondence and I know I have been a helpful person to some of those friends, but it worries me that I do not have anyone I can really call on who lives near me. I feel quite vulnerable in this. Any insight on whether this is how my life is meant to be or whether I should be doing something else, would be reassuring.  Thank you again.

The guide responds:

Dearest Mary, gentle soul.   You have all the desire in the world to be perfect, but you try so hard that you have created a barrier between you and others. Be present, dearest one.  Be human, you might say–laughter, light, love–there are so many different ways in which you could communicate the very wonder of you with others.  But you feel that you must perfect you in some way, showing no difficulties so they do not feel you need anyone.

All beings want to feel needed–even you, lovely one.  So do not fill the time spent with others on being perfect, but be.  Draw them close to you by opening your heart to them.  Share with them your feelings of vulnerability.  Oh, perhaps you are not comfortable with saying it in the first few seconds of meeting someone.  But open your amazing being to others and surround them with your gentleness, your wanting to know how they be, your need to understand their paths.  Draw them into your life by saying how your life is, not perfect and you too have moments where you need to hold another hand. Do not be afraid, blessed one.  Trust that they will not shun you but will hold that beautiful hand.  Trust blessed one.

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  1. Mary January 5, 2011 at 10:47 am - Reply

    Hello and thank you for this service. Thank you for all of the hope and relief that you give to so many people.

  2. Ann-Marie January 6, 2011 at 9:11 am - Reply

    Hi there, recently I have thought about having more children. do you see anymore children for me in the future.?

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