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Curious1Curious1 writes:

Dear Guides, a clairvoyant recently told me that in the near future I will have a windfall (enough for a deposit on a house & a new car), is this true? I have doubts as many things she’s previously said have not happened, plus it’s what everyone wants to hear: love/money/great job/beautiful home/marriage & holidays etc.  Is there work for me to do (to become ‘whole’), is my weight the true blockage to me feeling happy & confident as I find it so difficult?

Many clairvoyants have told me I will have a choice of men, but as the years pass my hope is fading. How can I become stronger and find peace? Many thanks. 

Guide – Why would you ask me if it is true when you have already decided it isn’t true?  But you want it to be true. Perhaps if you shall trust it shall be, you will attract it into your life.

Instead of asking a clairvoyant that you’ve already decided doesn’t have any  truth, ask your own being “what do I want, what do I need, where will I be in this place, in this world, why do I feel so separated from my world that I live in?”  What is this truth, my dear?   You walk as if there are silent walls that hold you so tight. You put hurdles before you on your path if only I do this, then that will happen, or if only I…..oh dear, dear, you even feel that you are a victim of your creation.

I want you to remember that you are the thinker, not the thought and that you are the creator of the body that carries you.  And for some reason you need to be still right now to re-examine all of it.

It is true, you can have whatever you want, my dear, but you must believe in the truth of who you be.  You want a warm, loving relationship but you feel in your being that you do not deserve one; you feel you should be something else in order to have one.  Why?  Ask yourself why?

You are beautiful, you are kind and you are loving.  You worked very hard at helping others and taking care of the necessary things, trying to be a good person, or being a person that you are.  Sometimes these belief systems can be very limiting, my child.  You have limited yourself, clipped your wings and decided you must do many things before you can have that day of joy and sun.

She is asking about her weight and asking if it may be a blockage to her happiness and confidence?

Guide – Yes.  You see you need no clairvoyant; you need only talk to your own being.  When a negative thought comes through about what you should or shouldn’t be, say “Stop, I AM and I AM perfect. I will create exactly what I need to be.  I will choose to be healthy and strong.  I will feed this body for I love this body with all of the tenderness and light that I be of.”

When thoughts of want and why I don’t have enter into your mind, stop and say I AM therefore I shall have exactly what I need.  You have misunderstood the power of your being, my child.  Do not seek the answers from you from someone else, or even from spirit if truth be known of it, but from that great wise teacher that lies within you.

There is an amazing story that you carry within you, one of seeking, one of wanting to be the best.  But what is the best?  Put down the word “best” and wanting to BE in all of the wonder of being human that your spirit is indelible to do.

You are a very wise being.  I know you went to the clairvoyant for fun. I know you want to seek that is that is your truth, and you shall blessed one.

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