dogIt hurts my spirit to see people be cruel to animals. There were some kids abusing a puppy, a person fed a cat and then kicked it over a high fence, and a person called a dog to him and shot it in the behind. Others practice beastiality. So, much cruelty. What can I do to stop this? Why did the kids do this? Did they not know better? Thank you.

Well, my dear, you might not understand that I say I am glad that you feel pain when you see these things for that shows the evolution of your being. You would never harm a creature, a helpless being.

But there are beings that are not evolved and they must learn these lessons.  And there are creatures that are so filled with love and only come to teach love, that they would offer up their body so that another would learn and that they would grow.  And, this is the case that these creatures have offered up their life for the learning of others.

What you should do is to know this, to act only as you would act.  It doesn’t mean that there is vengeance to be had.  It doesn’t mean that you need to shoot, or beat, or hurt another human being.  Just be that that you are, my dearest, for you teach that by being who you are.

And often in the still quiet, those that have done an act of violence, they grow and realize they should not have done this.  They feel the vibrational shift in their body for that is what happens when one act of violence is taken out upon another, whether it is human or animal.

Can you comment on when a person is disturbed and they actually receive pleasure from hurting animals.  It is distorted.

Yes, dear. The statement of the “disturbed” being says it all.  A healthy being, no matter at what aged soul, does not take pleasure from harming, but when they do it does affect them.  There is a deep need to right a wrong within a being that does that. They have been so severely wronged at some time, usually violently, that they are trying to right it by repeating it.  It is the same as any being that has had a terrible wrong; they wish to repeat it over and over.

You yourself have met beings that have been violated at some time and they cannot talk about anything but that, because they are trying to undo a terrible pain inside of them.  It does not work that way.   But as you have been given, the circle within the circle, it is repeated until there is a time when you are lifted up.  You are lifted by changing the very vibration that you be by enlightening you.  It can happen through love, through help by someone who is more evolved coming to your aid.  But it happens through the enlightenment of your spirit.