Seek not how or what to be; seek you


I’d like to ask about the spiritual path I’ve been on, especially the last six months.  I have been receiving a lot of messages form my guides.  As well, the man I love, my soul mate, it is very difficult and my patience and trust has been tested.  Can you talk about that please?

The guide’s response:

Your path of enlightenment is true. You cannot undo that that you have already moved into.  A realm of understanding, seeing and hearing words that are not spoken but words you hear from others.  The element of trust is something you have difficulty with.  You feel this being will hurt you and you are already trying to protect yourself.  Are you willing to love, to let go, to trust?  You are very afraid of this.

Do not call a being a soul mate, for that is not what a soul mate is. You have promises with people, with beings that come into your life to work on certain things so they will not be all perfect, all easy. There will be conditions you must all work together.  That is what this being is.  If it was a soul mate it would be more like a brother or a sister, not what you would want.

To let go of old ways, and old rituals, becomes necessary when they no longer fit.  When you can no longer fit and when you can no longer squeeze your being into a small, tight understanding you must find another shell to live in whether this be another belief system or simply freeing yourself to seek out your own.  Let the time in between the choices, there is often an unsure time.  The old ways might still sound familiar and comfortable, like that old shell, but you cannot go back and unlearn that that you have learned.  So move forward and trust that you shall be secure in your new understanding.  Remember that many of the understandings in your physical world are created by beings such  as yourselves and don’t always have the truth of you.  Let them be where they may be and seek your won.  Often those that need to learn the greatest write many books and have theories of how to be. And those who simply glide through a path never write a book, but touch many souls.  And when they leave those souls they will say I would like to be like that.  So seek not how, or what to be, seek you and you shall be.


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  1. Faith February 1, 2012 at 7:27 pm - Reply


    The question is about my relationship. I’m struggling to trust. There is love, as well as pain and a lack of clarity. Is this one to trust? Is it wise to go with the flow and surrender more fully in this, or best to let it go?

    Thank you.

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