All things seek to find a balance

RW writes: 

I’m not really sure what to ask here….my whole life has completely changed just recently and I may need some guidance. I’ve been confused and have tried to explain my relationship with Spirit to quite a few people,which has only left me dissapointed and deeply sad and lonely.  Am I experiencing a kundalini awakening or am I just losing my mind and all hold of reality? I have suicidal thoughts once again and yet I am so grateful and in love with life all at the same time.  I cant see much difference between my dreams and so called reality…..  I dont want to pass through this lifetime and not find my truth and what we are doing here. I haven’t been faced with any big decisions like this for a while and i feel if I leave my homeland I will end up getting hurt and lose everything. These days my best friends are not even human as I am in constant communion with some beautiful mysterious wise loving presence that just doesn’t seem to want to reveal itself to me.  Again for listening and a very big thanks for you guys here at this amazing site for helping so many people with their problems.

The guide’s response:

Yes, I see, blessed one. Dearest, there are times in the physical world where being present in a body can be quite confusing.  The out-of-balance part of your being is your conscious mind trying very hard to find a place of peace.  Understand that the grey matter, your conscious mind, its purpose is to solve problems, to find a way out of the cave, to build the fire, to feed the body.  It is true that there are times in which you do not need to solve problems in this way and so then the analytical part of this being starts to judge all actions when it is perhaps not necessary and one might say you are thinking too much.

Allow some song to take place, some music to be heard.  I want you to lift your vibrations to the place of stillness. No one is judging you, blessed one.  You are judging yourself.   Your conscious mind is fighting your spirit mind.  Your conscious mind believes that you are not quite what you should be.  Your spirit mind is saying that you are exactly how you should be. Yes, you have made choices that have led your path to be exactly what you needed to learn from it.  If you need to deviate in certain ways, in order to be who you are, to learn, to grow, it is who you are.  Judge not yourself so harshly.

This being of great light that is with you is teaching you to be strong, to be radiant, to make the choices that are most healing and helpful for you.  Listen to this.  A guide, or guardian will never reveal themselves if you are not ready for it.  If you have a feeling that Jesus is talking with you, there is nothing wrong with that.  This universal being has the capacity to speak to many at once.  This time of confusion will end.  Calmness will return, the radiant being of who you are.  It is best for you at this time to be close to nature.  The tales you often create around yourself through this need to judge your being, these limit your ability to think clearly.  Be out in nature.   Walk barefoot on the soil.  Remember you are one with all things.  And all things seek to find a balance as you do, my dear.  Bless you.

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