Hi, my long term boyfriend and I recently broke up and I just found out I am pregnant. Not sure what to do….feeling a bit confused. Can you help at all? Thank you!

Well, this is not something you can keep hidden, blessed one.  So, it is best to talk and try to remain, calm and open for that child is in the midst of such angst and this is not what you want.

You feel very alone right now.  The most important thing to remember is that you are love and that all things are possible. That dream you have of a love and a family can be by believing it, by trusting in it and moving into it.  It is not from negatives thoughts or opinions of others.  Believe in your own being, your own heart.  This was not an accident, my dear, this was meant to be.

How a path unfolds is up to the being, you.  You will choose and it shall be.  Your choices are very important.  You have to be the important part of it.  You have to believe in the wonder that you do believe in. Some will say you are immature.  It has nothing to do with having that wonderful belief.  Trust, blessed one.  Don’t be afraid.  You are strong.  You are radiant.  There are many around you to help you.  But stand in your truth and speak your words from your heart.  Do not expect others to do as you wish, but allow them the room to grow, to move.  Give them time to make decisions that they will make.  Do not be afraid.  You are not alone.