Today I started to pull out the Christmas decorations. The very first basket was one filled with many ornaments that had broken over the years. I had intended to fix them long ago. Well, just maybe I have time now… no doubt.

I put them on the table before me, a foot here and a wing there. Putting all of the parts together. Remembering the how and why they were broken. Glue in hand, I started in. Each one telling me a tale that was now heartwarming, not upsetting. There was something very satisfying about fixing them.

Sitting back, glue up to my elbows, and my fingers a bit stuck together. Boy that glue sure is strong… well, for gluing fingers, the ornaments not so much. What a mess. Giggling to myself, no wonder it took me so long to do this.

Looking at this scene I felt, in a strange way, it represented our world. Old and new, beautiful, broken, fixable, not perfect, messy, full of memories, strong, and forgiving.

Now to the decorating.




Photo by cottonbro on Pexels