Our June 13th Circles event was wonderful

I don’t completely have any idea what was asked or answered but I felt so enveloped by the energy. Being with all of the shiny, wonderful people, I found it hard to leave. My memory of the afternoon is that the air was thick. I wanted to stay and talk to everyone and I know the conversations would be out of this world…

I still feel attached to all of you and I know there are questions that were not answered. Try to ask your questions through your heart. Quieting your mind, ask how your body feels about your question and listen with your heart. Trust that you do know the feeling of the right choice. And you do know the feeling of a choice that would not make you grow… are you doing the same thing over and over?

You would be amazed how Guides can help with answering something over and over… our job is to see it or hear it, or recognize it.

Thank you to all of you who attended, and to all of you who helped make it happen. My love goes out to all of you.




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