IMG_2672This week a very dear friend of mine passed over. Suzanne was not only a friend to all of us in Circles, she was a wonderful supporter. I met her about 30 years ago when she and a friend came for a reading. She was so cute and wide eyed, I shall never forget that first meeting. It was as if we had known each other forever and we all became lifelong friends. Suzanne’s sunny, embracing smile and loving presence was at every event I have had. You may have met her taking care of the the receiving desk, welcoming guests to our events. She was not only present for public occasions but so important during private and personal ones as well. I want to thank her for being in my life and in the Circle; she made it richer and joyful. I will never forget her and I will hold her in my heart until we meet again.

All of us at Circles are in a deep state of sadness right now and we are taking a little time to heal. Whenever one loses a light in your life, remember that you once again visit all losses and need to take time to heal. Thank you all for your support and may the light of love shine on you all.