A question about the guide’s relationship with the channel

annonI am imagining Jane, or any channel, as the medium for your messages. Can you speak about your relationship with a channel?  How might the medium effect the information coming through? And must the medium for your message be human? 

Firstly I will say, no it does not always have to be a human form, but if the being who is asking the question needs words, it does help. But beings of light, guides, angels, whatever you wish to call those of that realm, will find a way if they need to give you a message and if you’ve asked for one it can be in the form of a bird, a butterfly, a penny. It can be in an amazing picture that speaks to you. It might be a voice that you hear in a crowded room, a lovely voice. It is up to you to decipher what it speaks to you because you are in the place of learning, the place of choosing, of accepting and rejecting.

It is true there are many that might call themselves channelers of the light, but if there is ego or self-judgment, question it.  Always question it. Make sure it is of your truth.

I speak through this being of light (Jane) for this being has no judgment of me, only acceptance and love. There is a filter in every being that only allows through something of that being’s energy. This being I speak through has a very beautiful energy, one of complete love and unconditional acceptance, and so I have no difficulty speaking through. This one would also accept those that might seem a little more physically grounded, but have great high purposes of only love to speak. You need never fear anything that is spoken through this being.

There are times when there are beings that say they channel, but it is mixed more with the need and ego of others. They do exist; they have judgment. And they have needs that are intertwined with it.

And how does that affect the information that comes through? 

It might be much more difficult for you to find your truth in it. For it might be only the truth of that one that channels it. What is the point of the information that comes through? It is for your growth. It isn’t for the growth of the being that channels it.

It might seem confusing but if you stand still and see the information and hear it and have it resonate through you, you will then know if it is your truth, or if it is not. It might be for some, but not for you. Ah, that would be the most wondrous thing for you to recognize, for you would have then grown and know what your truth is.

Let the banner be of love that is over you.

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