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Grommie – I believe there is a spirit, possibly an ancestor of mine, who channels anger through me. I would be grateful to learn why this happens, so that I can help the spirit to fulfil its purpose–if I feel it is something I can do–or ask it to stop using me as a channel.

Hello dearest one, I am a being of light.  I am contained in a dimension of spirit and energy.  I will tell you, my dear, there is nothing in this dimension but those of the purest light.  There is none that surround you that would channel through you in any negative way.  You are only light.  You have heard stories of beings born before you.  They cannot have any control over you. That that you allow to flow through you is of your own need to hear, to be.  You are afraid of your own energy, dearest one, and you needn’t be.

I am confused by your question  because truly what you want to know is if you are intuitive.  Yes.  You want to know if you can be in tune with these amazing beings around you.  Yes.  You want to know if you can channel their light and love.  Yes.  Don’t hang the attitudes of others upon it.  Let it be that that it is.  Whether it is the fear you have of judgment, it belongs not with you.  You are a very intuitive being and in time will use this in a greater way to help heal others.  Bless you my child.

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