Kristine asks (in response to this post about Lemuria) What a fascinating topic; that ancient societies had the capacity to completely destroy themselves. I’m curious as to
whether technology back then was greater than what we have today? Or perhaps different and if so, how? At a recent event a guide mentioned something about the use of crystals? I wonder, are we on the cusp of our own demise now (I’m thinking about Iran, Pakistan)? I know it is said that if I take care of my little corner, the rest will take care of itself, how oes this work? Thank you.

If all beings took care of their own place of being, all the physical dimension would be balanced.  But it still would be positive and negative, for there are some beings that have come to learn great negatives, and some great positives.  It is the friction that creates the growth. And it is the ability to see, to judge, to know, that one is different than the other.  Your society thinks it knows all the understanding now, and that there is only one side to everything.  That is why you have such diversion right now–because there are two sides.  This is a bi-linear world you live in.  It is why there are two sides to everything.  And you understand in the oneness there are many more sides.

In past history of the physical plane and other planes, yes they have been destroyed, but not completely.  For there is love—and it has created again that that is needed for learning.  Are you are the precipice of demise in your physical world?  Off and on, many many, times.  You see only one or two places this exists, but know that in each being’s path you can be at the precipice of this demise.  You are world unto yourself. Take care of your world.  Keep it balanced—and you will do well.   May I add that when they destroyed their worlds they did not destroy the path of all beings.  It was interrupted but not destroyed.  I do believe dwelling in the body creates limitations.  But know that there are no limitations blessed ones—only those that you perceive.