The new comet Holmes, where did it come from?

Ulla asks about this new comet, Holmes, and wonders why it’s appeared at this time.

It has appeared at this time to your scientists for it has traveled very quickly and is now seen. Many of these travel at a slower rate; this one has moved faster than the speed of light. It was created from a giant explosion of energy. Massive love that creates new planets, a place for growth. Another world. It is made up of gas, some solids. But it is like the birth of birth.

Does this happen quite often?


So it’s quite a special thing.

You live in a time of many very special things, of growth, constant movement forward. This is the result of that. You are seeing it manifested in gas and stone elements. But you’ll see it time and time again. For those who wish to see it. In all things in your world there is movement, there is growth there is change.

Tell Ulla to keep on questioning with her wonderful mind.

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