You must experience every human element in the physical domain

IMGP0863Funtastic asked for clarification on suicide.  The guides said that those who committed suicide would have to come back and experience a similar life with the same problems. 

She is wondering about many Native Americans who committed suicide to avoid inhumane treatment by Europeans.  She asks if they would have to experience this again and feels it wouldn’t be very loving.

The guide’s response:

You might wonder if  growth and understanding both sides of every scenario, the good and the bad, is always loving.  But growth is loving, my dear. Love is growth, forward movement.  Oh it transforms into many different forms so that you can use it as energy to power through things.  Love is God.  Is God love?  Yes.

Sometimes when you feel that you cannot bear the pain any longer and you feel the love in your heart, the pain can be numbed by the love.  And yes dearest, they’ve already returned.  And they went through different scenarios of course, and achieved wondrous growth. It doesn’t mean that you look upon terrible tragedy and think:  Oh they did it because they wanted to.  That isn’t what I’m saying.

I’m saying you must experience every human element in the physical domain (or your world as you would call it). You feel that pain because you have already experienced that.  But not all would, my dear.  Those that have not experienced it would look on it and feel nothing.  You have to have the vibration within you to have the feeling, compassion.  And you are so loved that you feel it.  That is not negataive; that is positive.

Yes blessed one, there is good and bad—and both are good.  Your world is a schoolroom, to learn, to grow.  It is not the end of the line.  It is not about judging.  It is about growing, experiencing, loving.  And if you can take time in the middle of the experience to be still, to understand the greater. To understand that you are giving your being growth, and then choose the highest path, you will move quickly through these things and you will not have to repeat over and over.

Bless you my child for seeking, for growing, for loving.

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