You can choose to live in a time of light and love

to-all-my-blessed-childrenTo all my blessed children, to all my blessed ones, your presence in a time of great struggle in your physical world.  You might feel very alone right now.  You might feel that no one else thinks of you the way you are.  Each, every single being is alive in a physical form at this time has before them a path, a path that you sit in with difficulties.  It is a time to be still.  It is a time to hold the hands that are there for you to hold, to reach out, to ask, to ask for help, to ask for love, to ask to be shown the way.

In asking you are not showing a weakness, but a great strength and also a great honor that you love yourself and your world and your path enough to ask that you be shown, that you find your highest truth.  Each, a responsibility to yourself to love yourself that you might reflect the love that lies within, that your darkness be made light, that your worries become truth.  If you turn all fear into open hands and open hearts.  You have been told many times that you dwell in a time of fear.  It was a choice that each of you have made, but you now can choose to live and dwell in a time of light and love.

You are going to see many changes ahead, changes in consciousness, changes in conversations. There still will be pockets of fear and they will erupt.  But those of you who dwell in a time of love. will help to heal them.  You will seek out each other. You will cross borders.  You will communicate in ways that you never thought possible.  It will be with ease and with great light.

It has been asked if there will be another messiah. I will tell you it is already at hand.  The love of the universe is present at your fingertips, at your lips, within your heart. Love each other, see each other. Listen.  Use all manner of the human experience, to hold love at the highest.  I love you.  I am with you.  You are not alone.

(Reposted from 25 Dec 2012)

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