You are magic, in all form and being


I am very curious about ‘medical intuition’—! Can you describe a guide’s sense of someone’s somatic state? 

Well, dearest one, your own personal guide knows exactly how your being is doing, whether it be your nervous system. or your emotional state. The closeness of your relationship, that you are whole, not just a heart or a liver. You see your medical understanding, although it has evolved, is still in its infancy. There are many things about the physical state, the body, that are not known. They like to think they know, but they do not.

You are magic, in all form and being. If you just stop think about the very instant of birth, when your beautiful baby body leaves the watery world where it was an amphibian, and enters into the world of oxygen and air and the bells that turn off in that instant, and the breath that is taken that is so sharp and harsh. How magical that is!

They don’t even know the hormones that are released that say to that baby that it’s time to come to the world. It has nothing to do with the physical state, but the spiritual state.

There are beings, many, that can read the very energies of another being without using stethoscope or machine. That by just standing in their physical presence and through their sense of smell and breath and hearing, can hear the very cells of the other body.

The coming together of al the ancient and all that is yet to be learned is what is at hand—and very important for all physical life. It is wise to hear how your earth struggles, for so do many physical bodies struggle. Be in tune to all these things.

And a guide can help you with your physical growth, but they cannot do it for you. They can bring it to your awareness through a rash, a pain, a bump. But the body will tell you its truth—by bringing to your awareness what it needs to do, what your spirit has yet to grow through. Your spirit does not know it all yet. If you dwell in the physical plane, you are learning; you are in the classroom.

Do not see religions as a negative. They have served great purpose. Those that need to join together for the fear of standing alone, those that need to find God through the interpretation of another might do so.

Bless all the parts that are present, but seek your own truth. For that is your spiritual knowledge.

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