This message was given to us by a very high guide at our last channeling session.

IMGP0909As each of you struggle in your own path, with your loves and your losses, you must be reminded that your lifetime existence is but a small part of who you be and your whole process.

So be still in the moment. Choose what you must from it. Grow. And love.

Your world right now is at a precipice, but I want you all to trust that it is in the hands of the very wise. These are not fools. A lot of you are dismayed and believe that it is only money that runs your world. To a certain extent it does, but money has no personality. It cannot be good or bad; it is just another thing.

Money can heal. It can destroy, but it also can heal. So be not afraid of your governments. People in power were put there for a purpose: some to teach that they mustn’t ever be put there again, and some to teach that this is the way to the light.

You are not alone my blessed children. You are very much embraced in the arms of the spirit love.