Pam writes:

My beloved cat disappeared during the middle of the day over two months ago. I have two other cats, but this guy held (and still holds) a huge part of my heart. Last weekend my husband and I decided to adopt a cat from a rescue group. He was beautiful and about 2-3 years old. I was trying to keep him separate from the other two cats to introduce them slowly.
Two days after we got him I reached to close a door to the room we have him in and he attacked me. Not only was I shocked, but very painful as well. It got infected that day and I have had to take two kinds of powerful antibiotics. I returned the cat because I couldn’t risk this happening with my grandchildren. My question to you, dear guides, is where did my first cat go and secondly, why did the new adopted cat attack me?

The guide’s response:

Dearest one, where did your lovely cat go?  It was taken in by someone else.  There are those that will not go and find their own pet, but will take another’s.  This is what this one is doing.  It could be that the cat will find its way back, but this person lives in an apartment and is not likely to let the cat out.  As to this one you took on, it had been terribly traumatized and was simply reacting from being abused.  Nothing to do with you, it was an old reaction, a learned thing, a way of survival. I know you feel very sad about taking it back because you do not like to make a commitment and change your mind, but of course you must protect your grandchildren.  And this one needed a very, very quiet life to heal from that that has occurred.

Perhaps best to take on no others at this time.  If you have already done so, please make sure you have an uncomplicated time around them for a while.

Donna:   May I ask if the first cat is in a loving home?

Guide:    Yes, very much so.  Living in the life of luxury.

Joanna:   But the cat must miss Pam though?

Guide:  Absolutely.  This one was always somewhat of an individual.