Sahara – I’ve been seeking to find my inner power in this life.  Can you comment on this as I welcome the guidance.

I have not spoken with you before but I have very much a need to speak now.   You are in the female form.  The female form in the physical world is about to begin a new circle of understanding.   And so, it will be very much known the strength and power of the female form.  At this time of new growth and the overturn of souls, the power of the female form will become balanced again.  It has been out of balance as you know.

There was a time in the physical world where it was of the height and it must come to the lower part again and then back to the balance.

You are going to find that women will take charge of things again and it isn’t because it’s male or female, it will be because they are evolved beings but they will be in the female form.  So, on surface, you will see women taking control again, but they are evolved beings.  You will be speaking on behalf of others in the form of being a woman and that the power of the woman is very good and that the power of some women is not.   It will be hard for you to understand all of this at this time, but you will see afterward how it truly does play out.

Are you talking about different energies coming in then that the women will be receiving?

It already is and the women have been fighting their way to be in the position of power; the position of actual wisdom of power, not necessarily controlling and using certain elements in the physical world to control, but the wisdom portrayed and spoken through women will be seen and acknowledged and cherished.  For a long time in your physical world it has only been through the male form.  That is now changing.