Winter Solstice message

Hello my dear ones.    Thank you for asking me to speak to all.  I be not the only one; there are many of the light that wish to extend light.  We ask you at this time in the physical world if it will start again to be enlightened.

I know you would like a forecast of that that is yet to be.  I know each of you has had difficulties, trials, tests.  Some of you have embraced it, and some of you that have stood still afraid to take another breath, and some of  you have recoiled and hidden.

In this time of the light returning to your earth, in this time of celebration, be present.  You, be the present, the gift to your loved ones in this time of light and life.  Heal each other. The passage that is taking place is almost done.  The ease will come as each takes steps forward knowing that you are not alone.  Understanding that all beings want to find the light and the love, will help you. For when there is a large number of beings unified in one belief, that the belief, the truth shall be, that love and light is there for you–it is so.

This is not a time to follow old rituals but to create new ones.  Create your own, through your own love and light.  See, talk, bless and be the amazing light that you are, each individual, perfection.  Do not judge any part of your being.  Be the light that you are and stand in total love.  For that is what you are.

Celebrate! Be!  In any way, whether it be in an instant of an exchange with another being, a shake of a hand, a hug, or even just simply eye to eye, heart to heart.  Unite in the light and the love. It is an amazing experience to live on this earth. Hold it, for it is your gift to you.  It is not a burden, but a wonderful gift to grow. Bless you, bless all of you.  Be in the light.

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  1. Elizabeth December 22, 2011 at 1:29 pm - Reply

    Thank you, I needed that :)
    kiss kiss,

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