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The element of being physical is a gathering together of energies into one form represented by a body. And it seems as if in your physical world at the beginning of a new year, beings like to stop and think about what they be, what their purpose is, why they gather and why they have come–and perhaps for those that are very new, why were they born.

It is a time of questioning. It is a time of stopping to witness that that is present before you, that that has come before and the wonder as to that that will be. This is a very healthy thing in all life experiences. There are those that will say it has made them who they are, better or worse.

There are those that will drag forward with them all of their hurts, and problems of the past into the freshness of that that can be, with much predicting of that which will be, for that is what they will carry forth.

There are those that will throw down that was in anger and carry forth a great scar of anger affecting all choices that will be.

There are those that will gently lay down that that was, examine each part of it, thank it for being and pick from those ruins and off the skeletons of those travesties, and the meat of that will feed them for a lifetime. And they will tuck it deep into their pockets. And they will walk forward knowing they have done well and they shall proceed in light and love.

This is a time to ask “who are you” much more than how do you be here.

You are loved.  Love is the greatest force in the universe and you will learn in time in your quantum physics that love is that energy, that he black holes are filled with love and that time is an illusion to slow down. Bless you all.

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