Nancy writes, “I am thinking of moving from Victoria, I realize it is harder for me to move forward now because of too many memories and feeling stuck in my life.  I feel so lonely and lost.  I feel like a failure.  Now I am searching for a new new job and new city to move to. Do you think it is a good choice in this time in my life? I don’t want to run away, I just want to get better and staying here in Victoria makes it feel harder for me. Too many memories and regrets. I truly want to move on and be happy. I wish to be happy again and see my life with the sun again.  Thank you.”

Dearest one, when a person  grows and moves forward, often those that surround the person don’t want them to change.   It is so with you.  To make peace with them,  you often still stay in that place–for their happiness.  It is time to dance again.  You have no difficulty loving.  But you do have difficulty loving yourself and trusting in your own choices.  So, you often seek to find answers from others.  But often these beings do not want you to grow, to move forward, to move, to be who you are now.  You may say you have fewer friends as they do not know who you are and when you are with them you are more depressed than ever.

It doesn’t mean you have to be alone.  But it does mean you have to be true to who you are now, a strong, radiant being that knows what she wants and isn’t getting it at this time.  You have always been in an element of helping others, helping them heal, helping them grow, putting your own needs aside for the needs of others.   But you know yourself that didn’t work and it doesn’t work.  Your own happiness and your own healing must be what you choose.  Do you return home to family where they are all there and supportive?  But they are supporting who you used to be and so you fear that as well.   There is a concern too that your parents have mixed minds and different concerns about you, so that you never really had a voice there.

So you are asking, “Where do I go to find my voice?”  This is what you are asking…but truly you’re asking yourself, not me.  I will tell you something.  You have a beautiful voice.  Listen to it.  You don’t need to change places.  You need to change the façade.  The outer being no longer fits with what others expect.   So, expect them to be somewhat limiting for you.

Seek new friends.  Seek new places to dance.  You love to dance and laugh.  You sometimes seek a religion or a group to be present and part of, yet that is an old way too.  Seek joyful places to be, to go.  You will do fine making your own choices, my dear.  I know.  I can hear you say, “Do I move?” If it brings you joy, move.  But remember, you will still be with you.   Be who you really are and the love will come.