When you are still and open, then you are most in tune with your being

P1010077Elizabeth asks:

Why is it that I see future events? Is it to make it easier to help someone when they ask me for some insight? If its me the future I’m seeing, well its more of the feeling, can I change it?  I haven’t been able to so far. However I know the learning side of it, but what is the point seeing it in myself?  Thank you.

The guide’s response:

Well, my blessed being, seeing it for yourself is kind of like putting the notebook in your pocket, knowing there might be a bump ahead. And you can choose to go around the bump or go right over top of it.

You are a very beautiful being, and you have chosen to come to help others, and yourself, through your intuitive means. You’ve always been very, very sensitive. Felt other people’s feelings. Sometimes you get it a little confused when it’s about yourself, because your own work is always more difficult, my dear.  And those most evolved seem to struggle the most in their worlds–for they wish to carry all the burdens of others, though they know this is not possible.

So my dear, what is the point in seeing what is ahead? You would have it no other way. And when you cannot see that that is ahead and when you must sit and be still and be open—this is when you will be most in tune with your being. For that is in the moment of creation of what will be. You can let it unfold, or you can hold tight to one great desire. Hopefully that will be: TO BE, TO TRUST, TO LOVE.

Bless you, my child. You are doing very well. 

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  1. Elizabeth June 14, 2013 at 1:48 pm - Reply

    Thank you!! I must say my intuition on this one was on to it!! heheheh usually when I ask a question I have no clue and the guides have to take me out of the forest by the hand :D
    kiss kiss,

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