Jan Jan writes, “Thank you, thank you. I posted my comment last year and then forgot all about it–life got hectic, events happened, all the usual ‘stuff’ that we allow to hinder us. Today I clicked on the link in my favourites for your website and there facing me was the answer to that comment made months ago.

Why today? Why now should that answer be there right in front of me? It validates all that I have been told in the past recent months, things that my guides and angels have sent me messages about.Now when I am wavering after coming to the conclusion that there is no need for me to try and be everything, that I have done all that I came here to do, anything else now is a bonus.

I am happy with this life I chose despite its many hurdles. I love being who I am–and yet there is the feeling of something more. I keep getting glimpses, flashes that rush quickly by, I can’t quite grasp them. I am mixing with a different set of people now, all spiritually minded. Before I would have envied them their gifts and abilities; now I have this awareness that I have no need of being like them. Now I am just here for the sheer enjoyment of the ride. But the human failing of doubt crept in, with a touch of fear thrown in for good measure. It makes me wonder if my life would have been different if I had seen the information all those months ago or whether I wasn’t meant to read at that moment in time. Thank you again for the validation.

If there is any additional messages with regard to a small business venture I have just entered that would be very much appreciated. I am unsure as to how much input to put in. Blessings to you both.

This dear one has answered her own question. She is a very beautiful being, full of light. She doesn’t like to be wrong, she doesn’t like to make mistakes. Oh, perhaps at one time you might have even said she had a bit of a control issue. But now she is evolving most beautifully. Yes, she is allowing her path to open and it is right for her to try on different things at this time. For she has grown and changed and is a much more brilliant being then she was before.

To not expect… well, that is not perhaps the best attitude in which to launch into a new business. One must visualize, one must dream how it should be and one must put all of one’s joy into it. She is already reserved on how much she will put into it, so she has already created doubt.

She is doing well. She knows what she is doing. Love to her.

Jan Jan, thank you for your post and for your blessings. We have found that often the answer appears when the person is ready to hear it. So perhaps it is all good that you only discovered it recently.

It’s interesting what the guides say about your business venture. So often we restrict our possibility for success because we think small, fearing to fail. I love the idea of putting joy into a new venture. This is good advice for all of us. Thank you for asking this question.