AJ Adams asks for direction beyond her education. She is looking at starting an online business but her husband would prefer her to work for a company for the security. She asks, “Are there words to give him comfort and ease his concerns? Is this online business a realistic option for me? I have struggled my whole life with my attitude about money. I was raised with a very negative view of money, and have been trying to befriend it ever since. I am in a much more comfortable place now, and that is helpful. However, I will need a large, lump sum of cash to start this business, and I am concerned about manifesting it. Any thoughts on channeling the money to make it happen?

She talks about easing her husband’s concerns yet I feel she wants this one to not to control her. I feel she needs to say quite out loud, quite clearly, dear one, everything will be alright and I can do this and I shall do this. There is a need for her to speak her truth. So much guiding and gently working with; so much trying to keep all things in balance. Shine, dearest child, shine and that that you need will be drawn to you. Do not doubt it, do not clutch at the money. Work the process and it shall be there. Good ideas draw good intentions. Trust dear one, it is coming.