H writes, ” I desperately would like to change careers but remain working with young people, but in a more supportive role involving 1-1 work.  I have outgrown my current role and I am unhappy in my work place where I feel like I do not ‘fit’ in.  I know I must do further training but struggle to know in what particular field.  It is important I am in a job where people ‘want’ to be helped, instead of my involvement being ‘forced’ on them.  I hope you understand what I mean!  Please can you offer any guidance and advice as I am frustrated with being ‘stuck’, as I truly want to give.”

Well, your society creates this avenue.  It is very hard to change the way  you can do this work–other than by just being, becoming unattached to any one form in which you are put in that position.  Through great work and striving I believe you can definitely help all beings.  Try not to just centre on one age, because you have the capacity to help all beings.  You have joy and you have light.  You have the capacity and the ability to see a person and hear them completely and intimately.  You hear the vibration of their soul.  So perhaps you might look at a wider scope as to how you can be and help others.  Be not afraid to speak of who you really are and how you need.  Your society pigeonholes and labels beings and this causes a whole attitude that is not part of you.

It is hard to step out sometimes from a rigid career.
Yes, especially when it is something that you have worked a long time to achieve and then once in it you realize: This is not what I was looking for.

Be not afraid to step out of that, dear one.  You live in a time where all things are changing and evolving.  Your society is at a very crucial hub at this time and change and new air and voices are important.  Be not afraid to express them.