Wanting to contact a departed loved one

Ken writes, “Recently I have had a loss very close to me. It was a tragic, unexpected loss. I have since questioned many aspects of my beliefs. Why hasn’t my dearly departed contacted me ? I have asked God for some king of sign, something…anything to tell my my loved one is all right. I have tried to make contact. I have prayed every day for the soul.Sorry for rambling on. I have now given up on any chance I have of contacting my lost soul. I have never professed to having a gift, I guess I’ve just been so very vain as to hope that, losing someone so close, I would be able to connect with that soul.  I don’t know what to do, or if there is in fact anything I can do. Has all my belief in life after death been so misguided..so wrong?

Dearest one, you are in deep shock and loss and grief.  This is not the time for communication this way.  It is time to be still, to allow your being to heal.  If your eyes could see the energy radiating out of you now, you would understand that to communicate with you is very difficult right now.  It is like waves that radiate out, and you’re not able to hear or be receiving at this time.  You might feel very alone, even from the entities that are very much close to you at all times.  It is just a matter of giving yourself healing time by calling to open, to receive.  Don’t have expectations of how long this will take.

Oh, dear one. I know you’d like to just throw it all in the trash can and walk away from it.  But you know you can’t.  You cannot unlearn spiritual knowledge.  It’s there and what lies there within it is love and hope –and growth.  And in time, when you think of your dear one who has transformed, visualize them in the most beautiful white light; happy, growing, doing that that is needed.  Yes, this may tug at your heart and pull at the corners of your eyes and your mouth.  But you’re still in deep pain.  Keep trying.  For as you send out light and love, you are giving it to yourself as well.  This is an action, a choice you can take at this time.  Don’t worry about the communication as that that is expected, for when you least are aware, you will hear.  You’ll see.  And trust that your loved one is doing what they need to do.  I don’t want to say that it is not about you right now.  But in truth, darling, your “about you” is healing you.  That bond still exists and it still grows.  Trust in it.

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  1. The Good Cook September 8, 2010 at 6:52 am - Reply

    I recently lost my beloved, my husband. He was my true partner in life. I believe we were of the same soul. I miss him so. He has visited me several times in the past month. Each visit very tender and dear.
    My question, will we meet again? Not just in the afterlife, but can we be born again and have another chance to live and love and marry and go on? I miss him so much. I want more of our life together.

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