Would you discuss life after death as we know it.

First know that there is no death—it is transformation. Because you live in the physical world, this dimension creates perhaps an unclear understanding of the whole process. Also, for some who are working in the physical world at this time, it is important not to know the whole process

Transformation occurs when spirit leaves the physical domain, moves into the light, and there are many that embrace and call to the being. There is great celebration, rejoicing, uniting. There is also a knowing of leaving, perhaps a physical understanding of leaving those the being has loved and been with a long time. Be aware that the being is still close but not having the same communication. Sometimes this is understood as a sadness or a longing.

The purpose of this transformation is to understand the whole of one’s actions and growth in the physical domain in the lifetime. To take the passage, not of time, but of growth. To see the whole of one’s actions, to measure these against the vibrational state of one’s being, and to accept what is yet needed to be done to heighten one’s vibration.

Could you explain a bit more about this heightening of vibration?

Just as you have DNA and RNA, you have a vibrational code as well. Every act has a vibrational quota or sum total. And each act of learning multiplies in the growth and the understanding of where one is. As you move forward in your time of growth, each element of growth is offered into your spirit, into your vibrational code.

This is clear to you in the time of transformation, and you then choose what is yet to be done. It takes a while but it is not transferred in time. After this time, and when you are ready, you choose to return either to the physical life of this dimension you know and are present in, or you move to other dimensions.

Or, if you are complete in the radiance of the physical world, you may join those of us that help others. Some perhaps that you may love dearly or have made a solemn vow of vibration with that you will stay very close until they are grown.
Is that what you wanted me to speak of my child?

Yes, thank you.

Please note: This beautiful image is a painting by Cindy Christian Rogers