Unable to continue in an emotionally draining relationship

Hetal asked a question about her current relationship. She says it is her second marriage and it has become impossible for her to continue this relationship any more. Her relationship with my husband & his family is turning out to be an emotional drain. She asks if to me leaving this person is her free will or if she is settling some karmic debt. She asks for guidance if she is taking a right decision.

Blessed being, trust that there is no debt. Accept that your being is a very strong energy to survive. You might even call it free will. Stay present in the body, protect it and your spirit will grow. Walk a path to learn and grow. When a being feels its survival cannot continue in a certain way, one must choose to grow, to be.

You have felt that you are in a state of no growth, that others were trying to take from you the very life that is yours to live. You must choose to live. There is no debt; there is no energy that you must balance out for him. You must be what you need to be. But before you do any of these things–be still. Listen to the true essence of who you be. The true message–are you willing to accept love for your being? And if you understand this, you will know what to do. If you love your being, which you must, you will know.

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  1. Anonymous July 5, 2009 at 7:07 pm - Reply

    hello,I find myself in abusive relationships often, the current one is the worst. I want to break free of this, and to be able to not be scared. Ive come close, and my life is overall fine. should i move??thank you,Caitlin

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