Faith – Hello, The question is about my relationship. I’m struggling to trust. There is love, as well as pain and a lack of clarity. Is this one to trust? Is it wise to go with the flow and surrender more fully in this, or best to let it go? Thank you.

Blessed being, you have been hurt and the hurt is not yet completely healed.  This is why you find yourself still holding on to that and the fear that it could be and it still affects that that is now.   To trust, to trust is to eliminate the fear.  To trust is to understand that there is always the opportunity for growth in the movement forward. To trust, firstly, must be of your self, not of others. I know you might think it is the others you must trust but it is yourself.  Are you strong enough to be hurt again?  Blessed one, don’t be afraid of the pain.  It brought you to where you be now, stronger more radiant being willing to love, willing to step forward into a new day, willing to understand your own growth.  Then you will understand where the trust must be.  I know you want a sure thing.  Blessed one, the entities on a person’s path is a sure thing that there will be growth and learning.  Will it be without pain?  That is up to you, blessed one.  For in each instance there is the opportunity to choose to suffer, or to move forward, to retreat to that that was in the depth of memories within you, or to move forward, to hold on to that of who you be, light and love.  Can I reassure you this one has grown?  Yes, this one has grown. You must ask yourself if you too have grown.  Bless you my child for you are loved.