Trust there will be a happy ending

CactiFuntastic – Hi Guides and Helpers, please tell me what went wrong between K.C. and I. Did I screw it up? I want to learn from this experience. How will I know the right one has come along for marriage? My ideal is to marry on 12-21-12 because of its significance. I know sometimes I can be too trusting. I must work on this. Thank you. Much light and love to you all.

Dearest one, you may think too much.  It is time for you to find some joy and laughter and fun.  It is time to not conform, to dance, and giggle and laugh.  After each meeting of someone in the quiet of your own heart you examine and re-examine and go over the conversations inside, outside and upside down to the point, yes, where you become so tired of it that you recoil from people.  You do not give them a chance to love you.

As to some date my dear, that is not the way to choose a partner for marriage.  It has very little to do with numbers although humankind has a great love trying to categorize.  But how could anything as amazing as you be categorized?  A blossom that has bloomed in a parched desert where there has been much poured at you but nothing mentioned. You have come through this as the most radiant flower of a cactus in a spring rain, for you trust there will be a happy ending.

And because of this my dear, you will find the love when you dance, when you laugh, when you let go of expectations and numbers.  Take a moment to look on your path and see what I have spoken.  See how you have made your way to the light, not the end of the road as you now can see the road.  Bless you my child, you have done no wrong.  What went aside was just you working too hard.  Relax and have fun.  Bless you.

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  1. GrowingSoul November 15, 2012 at 3:01 am - Reply

    Dear Spirit Guides,
    My husband has put me through a lot after marriage. Inspite of that, I grown and never been closer to who I ought to be. Yet the fear remains. What if all this
    falls apart? I am not sure if he understands his role and
    responsibilities as a husband. His ethics seem a bit off but I sense he wants to grow. Would he put his selfish needs above the larger good for our marriage? Will he always fall hard before learning?
    I have tried to be as patient and loving as I could but I had to stand my ground where need be. Will marriage be happy for us or will it be a never ending circle
    of fear, struggle and pain. Is he truly thankful for having me in his life?
    Thank you!

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