Message from a mother who has passed on

Christine says her beloved mother (Oma) recently passed on. She is greatly missed by all her children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. I feel my mother’s presence and her joy constantly as if she were with all of us. I have tried to explain this feeling to my sister, Mary, who often feels very sad because she misses Oma so much. Have you a message that could comfort Mary?

Dear, dear Christine, you’ve always been the one to teach and lead the way with this family. You’ve often thought it was your mother, but in truth it was you. And when they couldn’t abide by you they turned away from you, but you were always willing to embrace and love them.

This one has always struggled against everything. Likes things just to be clearly there in print or in some route that she can follow.

Are you talking about the sister?

Yes. Dearest one, tell her to ask for her own confirmation. Tell her that she must ask for truth for herself, for it must be only coming from within her. You could never provide truth for another being, or proof of that that you believe in. I know in many ways, all in this family have tried very hard to fit within limitations of an understanding. And each in their own way has broken free from it. Allow this one to find it. Know that she should seek and find her own truth, her own comfort.

Oh no, you mustn’t limit yourself in speaking of how you have found it. You have always been the leader. And perhaps by your calm, relaxed manner, and by the way that you seek to find your own truth, you will help lead the way for this one too.

A message from your mother: She wishes that she had spoken more clearly to all of you about who and how she believed. Being passive, to follow those of others, in truth it wasn’t her way. She is at very much understanding now that all is as it should be. That each of you are growing and moving forward. That these blessed grandchildren and great-grandchildren are all beautiful and radiant in their own light, each individual and wonderful. That you mustn’t ever be still or keep quiet when you need to speak. That you need to open your hands to help others, and that you must hear each other and be there for each other. That is what the grandmother wants them to know.

Thank you very much; I’ll pass this information on.

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