Dearest Spirit Guide,

I would like to know more about my connection to Chris. I have not contacted him so that he can move on, as I have found someone whom I love very much and wish to spend my life with. However, I think of him often and cannot deny that we have a connection unlike anything I have ever experienced. I believe that we have a promise together – has it been fulfilled, or will he continue to be a part of my life in the future?  Many Thanks.



Dearest Stella,

when one loves another being, and creates a bond, there will always be an energy tie to that being.  This has not diminished just because you are not together.  It sometimes evolves into the truest state of understanding, love, to be, to allow them to grow and trust that they shall grow and do what they need to do.  The fact that you think of this being often is a wonderful state of grace.

Send white light and love to this one and to the bond you had with this one. Do not hold it tight that it needs to return.  Allow it to freely offered and sent.

So often you who dwell in physical bodies feel that if a being is no longer in your direct vicinity, they no longer are a part of you.  That is not so; just as in spirit there are ties.  Ties that bind may not hold you as choices in free will.  This love you have in your life is wondrous and good for you. You have the capacity to love many, although it does not mean you cannot still just be with one.

Individuals come together and they grow and they move forward.  It is exactly as it should be.  The promise (with Chris) is partially complete, but do not worry of the finishing it now.  Trust that it will at some time, in some distance, be complete.  For all those that you love and those you do not love, when you think of them send them light and energy, acceptance and forgiveness.  You will grow and so will they.  This is the state of grace you always wish to be in.